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Planning Long-Term Accommodation: A Guide for Hosts

by Charlotte Garcia

The hospitality industry has rapidly evolved over the years. One of the most profound changes is the growing popularity of home-based accommodation. Home rentals, couch surfing, and homestays not only offer travellers cheap accommodation, but also provide income for local communities. Hosts often have a hard time providing long-term accommodation. This article highlights a few preparation tips for people who intend to offer long-term accommodation in their homes. 

Preparing your calendar

Guests looking for long-term accommodation often book a few weeks or months before their arrival. Some people may not be comfortable leaving guests alone in their houses. As such, if you have engagements that may require you to be out of your home for a few days, consider rescheduling them. Since your guest is new to the area, set a few days to show him or her around your town. You can also create a list of the best restaurants, shopping malls, parks and tourist attractions in your city.


Your guests should be comfortable throughout their stay. Provide them with cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, dustpan, broom and a dust bin. If the guest will be staying in the guest room, make sure that the bathroom and toilet are fully functional. Your guest should also have sufficient space to store clothes, suitcases and other personal items. You can also set aside some space in your kitchen where he or she can store food. 

House rules

House rules are important as they reduce conflict between the host and the guest. Below are some of the rules you may consider:

  • What areas are out of bounds? Your guest should have access to common areas such as the living room and kitchen; however, you may ask him or her to keep off other areas such as bedrooms and study rooms.
  • Is your guest allowed to bring in people into your home?
  • Are you comfortable with your guest coming in late at night?
  • Show your guest how to operate equipment such as the washing machine and the dishwasher.
  • Hygiene: ask your guest to clean up after cooking and eating. 


Your guest may not be comfortable paying the whole accommodation fee upfront. As such, set a flexible payment schedule. For instance, if the guest will live in your home for six months, you can ask him or her to pay a monthly fee or once every two months. 

Home rentals are a popular budget rental accommodation option. Hosts offering long-term accommodation should prepare their calendar, ensure their guests' comfort, set house rules and have a flexible payment plan.