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2 Unique And Luxurious Ideas For A Small Wedding

by Charlotte Garcia

There is a growing trend in Australia for small weddings. For many soon-to-be-married couples, the idea of a huge wedding with an equally large guest list is not the way they'd like to celebrate their nuptials. Small weddings offer an intimacy that larger weddings don't. This means that only family and friends who are close to the couple will be in attendance and that the bride and groom will have the opportunity to spend quality time with their guests.

A smaller wedding has the added benefit of allowing you to choose a more unique and special venue for the reception. Here are two ideas for your small wedding reception that will help to make your special day all the more memorable.

1. Charter a private yacht

If you're looking for a truly elegant and luxurious wedding reception venue, then chartering a private yacht is a perfect idea. You and your guests can set sail and enjoy a relaxed reception while being waited on by dedicated and professional staff.

A private yacht charter can provide full catering, with delicious meals cooked on board and a selection of your favourite beverages. The number of guests that charter yachts can accommodate varies from vessel to vessel.

Yachts can be chartered by the hour, with most charter companies having a set minimum number of hours required. You can also charter the yacht overnight or for several nights. This is a wonderful way to combine your wedding reception with a wonderful sailing honeymoon.

2. Head off to a beachside destination

Destination weddings are becoming an increasingly popular option for Australian couples. They are more suited to a smaller wedding due to the travel and expenses involved for the couple and the guests. If the idea of heading off to a tropical and exotic location for your big day appeals to you, then a destination wedding may be ideal.

Popular destinations for this style wedding are Bali and the islands of Thailand. These places are appealing because they're incredibly affordable, even with the added cost of flights. If you'd prefer to stay in Australia, there are many gorgeous and private resorts that provide comprehensive wedding packages.

If you are planning your wedding and you'd like a small, personal and unique way to celebrate, then these two options are well worth considering. Both will help to create a memorable and magical occasion that is the ultimate in luxury and romance.