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Six Features to Look for If Hiring a Charter Bus for a Group of Seniors

by Charlotte Garcia

If you are planning a holiday with a group of seniors, a short excursion with a group from a senior's home or a similar type of event, you may want to hire a charter bus. For the most comfortable, hassle-free experience, certain amenities can be essential. Here's what you need.

1. Lifts

Before hiring the charter bus, make sure that it is handicap-accessible, and in particular, look for a bus that has a lift. Even if none of the seniors are in wheelchairs, a lift can help people with canes, and they are also terribly convenient for people who don't have the motor skills to easily climb high bus stairs.

2. Ample Seating

You also want to ensure that the charter hire has ample seating for everyone in your group. That should include spots for wheelchairs and seats for every other passenger to sit down. Some charter buses, especially those that focus on parties or hen's nights, often have standing room, and that may not be ideal with a group of seniors.

3. Comfort

Particularly for long drives, it's important to have a comfortable bus. That helps prevent travellers' fatigue. If the seniors are uncomfortable and crowded on the bus, they may not have energy for the events of the tour. Similarly, after a long day or week of sightseeing, it's also nice to get back onto a comfortable bus.

4. Toilets

As most people get older, they need to urinate with more frequency. Ideally, you should have a toilet on the bus for that reason. That ensures that everyone can sign up for the trip and not worrying about whether or not they will have access to toilets. It also prevents unnecessary stops, which helps keep your journey on schedule.

Finally, if you are taking a group of seniors to a remote place that doesn't have toilets, the charter bus toilets can serve that role. That gives you more flexibility to go to natural areas.

5. Clear Loudspeaker

You may even want to check out small features such as the loudspeaker. Most charter buses have an intercom system that lets the driver or tour leader make announcements to the passengers. To be on the safe side, you may want to make sure the speakers sound clear—that way, you know that everyone will hear all important updates.

6. Senior Discount

Finally, you may want to look for a place that has senior discounts. A discount can help you lower the cost of the trip.